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We raise quality Portuguese Water Dogs in a healthy environment where each is genetically tested and carries CHIC certification through OFA.  We hope you enjoy scrolling through our website while learning more about the PWD breed, our dogs, who we are and our puppy protocol.

We have included helpful links throughout providing additional information.  For instance, the Portuguese Water Dog Club of America (PWDCA) has a wealth of information regarding the PWD.  They are the AKC recognized club for the Portuguese Water Dog breed.  For more details click on their site here.  

Morgan laying down on Tile
Morgan 5 months
Morgan and Freeman Walking on Sidewalk
Morgan and Freeman 2018

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About us

Located in the Great Lakes Region we moved back to our country home in the Mid-Michigan area, where we found it more peaceful and healthier for our dogs.  Although surrounded by many lakes, our favorite is Clinton County lake Park between Maple Rapids and St Johns.  They have several long beaches groomed daily making it the perfect setting for training our water dogs, and where you are likely to see us weekdays during the summer. 

We are AKC club members for both the national and local AKC clubs.  These are the Portuguese Water Dog Club of America (PWDCA) and Mt. Pleasant Michigan Kennel Club (MPMKC), respectively.  Click below to learn 

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Our Dogs

Click the video of Morgan and Freeman playing Frisbee.  Our dogs love the Frisbee and expect it daily. Therefore, we use it as a fun skill building source while they get exercise between walks.   

All of our dogs continue with structured training, throughout their lives, since they are frequently in the public and are showing or working in different modalities.  The training is mainly for socialization, however, necessary for more skillful competitions.  We keep it fun for them and us or else we wouldn’t do it.  It has created a rewarding deep bond between us.  Click below to read more details

                     About our Dogs

Freeman as a puppy
Freeman 7 weeks old

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Our Portuguese Water Dog Puppies

Although we have taken the AVIDOG University Breeder Courses we keep up to date annually with new material.  We also stay in contact with several other breeders and Veterinarians to stay abreast with the latest breeding practices.  We follow Avidog and their guidelines before during and after pregancy, as well as, care of both dam and litter following whelping.  

We use Early Neurological Stimulation & Early Scent Introduction exercises along with daily socialization throughout.  We also include a desensitization process.   Then puppies are temperament tested at 7 weeks old. 

It is our utmost priority to have happy families and happy puppies in forever homes.  So we use every measure to the best of our abilities (including applications and interviews) to match puppies to their perspective families.  Click below to learn more about our    

                      Puppy Protocol