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Here at Cedar Creek we are raising healthy quality AKC Portuguese Water Dogs in the Great Lakes Region.  While you scroll through the pages you will learn more about the Portuguese Water Dog, who we are, our foundation dogs, our puppy protocol and available puppies.  In addition, you will find several links to other websites giving more details about the breed. For instance loads of information about the breed can be found at the Portuguese Water Dog Club of America website by clicking here pwdca.


Portuguese Water Dog laying on kichen Tile
Two Portuguese Water Dogs Walking up sidewalk

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About us

We live in Mid-Michigan where we have recently moved back to our country home to enjoy the wildlife and give our pwds plenty of room to play. As much as we love the water, we enjoy the peace and quiet of the country, more than the crowed homes on the surrounding lakes. 

Her we have the best of both worlds since we have as 15 lakes nearby.  Once the weather is warm you will find us with our dogs at the lakes click to  
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Morgan & Freeman

(our foundation portuguese water dogs)

Click the video to the right if you would like to  see our Portuguese Water Dogs in action.  Frisbee time started as a form of play and exercise, but then the competition started between the two.   This activity is now expected daily rain, sun or snow – including sub zero temps.  Imagine the possibilities if the Frisbee throwers  could improve their skills.  Click below to read more

                     Details About our Dogs

Portuguese Water Dog Puppy running in myrtle

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Our Portuguese Water Dog Puppies

Having a litter of Portuguese Water Dog puppies is a significant undertaking with tremendous responsibilities.  It requires countless hours readying and transitioning puppies for their new forever homes.  A good breeder knows each and everyone of their puppies and along with temperament testing can carefully match puppies with perspective owners. Click to learn more about our

                            Our Puppy Protocol