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Here you will find we raise healthy quality Portuguese Water Dogs.  All of our dogs have been genetically tested with each CHIC certified through OFA.  Moreover, while scrolling through the pages you will learn more about the breed, who we are, more about our dogs, and our puppy protocol.

In addition, we encourage clicking links throughout our website which provide additional information.    A good place to start is by going to the Portuguese Water Dog Club of America website (pwdca).  They are the breed club in America who sets the standards for the PWD.  The website can be reached by clicking here pwdca.

Morgan laying down on Tile

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About us

Located in the Great Lakes Region we have recently moved back to our Mid Michigan country home to enjoy the wildlife and give our pwds plenty of room to play.  As much as we love the water, we have found the peace and quiet of the country is far more serene then the crowded homes seen on the  many surrounding lakes.   

On the other hand, we have the best of both worlds, because we have nearly 15 lakes nearby.  In either event, once the weather warms up your are more likely to find us with our dogs playing and training at the lake.   Click below to 

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Morgan & Freeman

(our foundation Portuguese water dogs)

For the purpose of demonstrating our dogs in action click on the YouTube video to the right.  We began using the Frisbee as a tool for play and exercise.  However, it became a competition where they could both one up each other.  It’s a well know fact that PWDs can easily become bored, but that doesn’t seem to be the case with ours when it comes to Frisbee.  It’s expected several times daily regardless of weather conditions.  Granted their Frisbee skills far exceed that of their owners.  Click below to read more details
                             About our Dogs

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Our Portuguese Water Dog Puppies

To raise a litter of puppies (regardless of breed) is a a tremendous responsibility which requires countless hours of care including socialization, when done properly.      

Our first and foremost priority is for our puppies  to go into forever homes.  Therefore gathering information of perspective families with applications & follow-up interviews, as well as, temperament testing is useful.   We realize a PWD is not  for everyone, leaving some who will not likely have the opportunity adopt one.    

                               Puppy Protocol