Purchasing A Puppy

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Why So Pricey

Most dog owners realize the least expense to owning a purebred dog is the actual purchase price. Acquiring a healthy well bred dog of any breed is an expensive venture, and seldom is there much profit from producing litters of puppies from responsible breeders.  

The typical expenses of a breeder starts with purchasing a well bred dog, and quite often a well bred stud, as well. Then comes tons of expensive  testing for both the Damn and Sire, and the list of expenses never really ends & go on . . . . .  

Our dogs come out of European champion bred lines.  They have been purposefully paired to produce healthy companion and performance dogs.  

Both parents are negative (normal – clear) for the PRA GM1, JDCM, and IC genetic markers. Read further details here.

What We Expect

We expect if interested in purchasing one of our puppies that you have researched the breed well and have made the decision that you are fully committed to meeting the daily time requirements and training, as well as, costs involved with owning a Portuguese Water Dog for  the next 13 – 15 years of your lives.

They are well worth the time and committment  as they are highly energetic and enthusiastic about returning that same dedication and loyalty tenfold, to their families. 

We are dedicated to all of our puppies.  Our home is always open to the return of any dog no matter how old, if one should find themselves in any circumstance where they are no longer able to care for the dog.  We would expect to be the first ones called and notified. 

What To Expect

While raising our puppies someone is generally always home unless out on some quick errands. The puppies have had a lot of hands on and are accustom to bathing and nail clipping.   

They have been well socialized with various different people and other dogs and expect this will continue with new owners as the most influential time having the  greatest impact is between the ages of  4 – 16 weeks. 

They have started the initial stages of potty training and  other basic training, which automatically comes with the other dogs around.

Lastly, caring for puppies round the clock, tunes the breeder into establishing each individual puppies characteristics.  This along with basic temperament testing helps to determines the best matches for puppies and their perspective owners


What You Get

Besides a well bred strong healthy puppy,  your puppy will have had it’s rear dew claws removed (done at 4 days old).  

It will have been wormed, had its first set of vaccines, & a complete veterinarian check up. It is a good idea to set an appointment prior to picking your puppy up, as its next set of shots is due when they turn 9 weeks old.  

We will pay for and Register your puppy with AKC, and they will send you paperwork regarding free puppy insurance for the first  30 days.  You will also receive a puppy care kit so you can focus on all the necessary concerns of caring for your puppy.    

In the kit you will receive a cloth which will have the mother and litters scent.  This will help to provide comfort as the puppy is adjusting to its new home.   

Agreements and Pricing

All puppies come with a buyer/seller agreement.   The agreement is meant to insure the puppies and prospective owners have promising futures.  Our puppies are sold as companion and performance dogs, meaning they can show in all AKC classes except conformation. 

The First Step to purchasing a puppy is to fill out the application here and you may also contact us with a message with any questions or troubles filling out the application here.  We need this first before accepting deposits on any puppies.  Please Do Not Pay a Deposit Until you receive a reply from us  – Thank you.  

Due to the rising costs of Veterinarian services and care we will be raising the price of our puppies.  However, we will keep the price the same this year due to the Corona Virus circumstance.  Prices are $2500.00 for each puppy and require a $300.00 non-refundable deposit when a client doesn’t follow through with an agreed purchase of a puppy.   An additional credit card fee of  3.9%  will be added to the deposit and final purchase price when using paypal or a credit card.    

We accept deposits  by money orders, checks or by using credit cards through paypal.  Money orders & checks will have to clear before reserving a puppy.  If using paypal and once approved by us you can select the puppy and click the add to cart button.  

Deposit & Fees

For Selected Puppy