Purchasing A Puppy

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Why So Pricey

Most dog owners realize the least expensive part to owning a dog was it’s purchase price.  Acquiring a healthy well bred well adjusted puppy, requires a lot of dedication, work, financial commitment, and sleepless nights. 

Anyone who says raising a litter of pups is easy and inexpensive …… are only kidding themselves.  Think of educated parents whom devote themselves to their  child’s most influential early years in hopes of achieving later success.     


What We Expect

We expect a great deal of time was spent researching aspects associated with raising an energetic PWD.  The next 12 – 15 years will require time, commitment, training, & costs of owning a PWD.

Although highly energetic, and enthusiastic, given the appropriate time and patience, they will learn quickly.  They will continue to reward their families tenfold with the same dedication and loyalty in return. 


What To Expect

The puppies have been well socialized to many different sights, sounds, animals and people. While the most influential time with greatest impact is between  4 – 16 wks of age, it continues through life.

Along with a lot of hands on, they have had regular bathing & grooming.  They  have started potty training along with some  basic commands.  They are crate trained 2 weeks prior for easier transitioning to their new homes.



What You Get

Besides a well bred healthy puppy,  you can expect the  rear dew claws removed, de-wormed, complete Vet check-up, first set of puppy vaccinations, microchip,  and we prepay and take care of AKC registration.

We recommend families contact their Veterinarians to setup appointments prior to picking up puppies.   They need follow up puppy vaccinations, as well as, a health check-up that is in line with our Sales contract guarantee.


Agreements and Pricing

All puppies come with a buyer/seller agreement.   The agreement is meant to insure the puppies and prospective owners have promising futures.  Our puppies are sold as companion and performance dogs, meaning they can show in all AKC classes Except Conformation. We are dedicated to our puppies.  Our home is always open to the return of any puppy no matter how old should one find themselves in any unforeseen circumstance. We expect to be the first notified in any given situation.  We make arrangements for transfer to either your relatives or friends if available, or they need to come back to us.

The First Step when considering the purchase of a puppy is to start out by filling out an application here and you may contact us with questions or troubles filling out the application here.  Please Do Not make a Deposit.  This is available once an approval has been made.   – Thank you.  

Due to the increasing costs of Veterinary services, DNA and Genetic testing, Ophthalmology  services, AKC and CHIC certifications, and the many other rising costs of care, our puppy prices will be increasing to $3500.00, which requires a non-refundable deposit of $500.00.   When using paypal or a credit card fee is automatically added to the deposit.  Other forms of payment are available without the additional fee …..   postal money orders or a cashiers checks.  

Although our site is secure with security locks you will be taken directly to the paypal site when clicking the “add to cart” tab below.     

Deposit & Fees