Freeman 3 months old

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First Great Danes

Our experience with raising dogs extends over     45 years.  A lot of emphasis was placed on studying pedigrees, bloodlines and genetic traits.   

It started in childhood growing up on a small horse farm in Ada, Michigan, which was also  home to Egypt Valley Great Danes with Pathan  as our foundation sire.  He was an American, Canadian & International Champion, hence my early introduction to the showing & breeding world.

Kids were mini-adults back then, thus, I gained a lot  of experience with medical interventions, since Great Danes were notorious for bloat and laying on puppies.  Today their stomachs are tacked making it less deadly.  More information about that here.

Our experiences raising dogs began with Great Danes

Childhood experience mid to late 60’s. 

Next Boxer Breed
Our Boxers

                   Our previous Boxers 

Most of my young adult years were raising breeding horses.  Again, I became well versed in research and knowledge of pedigrees.  This background has proven invaluable while moving forward with our dogs.       

After having the daughter in the late thirties, it was was tough giving up dressage and the horses, but it was time to settle down.  This is when we purchased our first boxer from a friend who was a breeder and our mentor.  Now with the daughter learning, again we extended our knowledge with genetics, pedigree’s conformation and temperaments with showing and breeding boxers.   

The daughter grew up with the boxers, but was very busy with extra-curricular high school activities, so we quit breeding they remained with us all of their days.  On the right is Ariel (11 yrs), middle King Triton (10 yrs) and Isis (7 yrs) on the left.       

Portuguese Water Dogs

Our search for the Portuguese water dog began shortly after the daughter moved west taking and our rescue dog.  We found the Portuguese Water Dog to bridge the gap between our love of our previous dog and horse lives.    

Their personality, energy and size are similar our boxers, but the disciplined teamwork vital for scaling levels in the Water Dog Trials is equivalent to that  found between horse and rider in the dressage. Plus, both of these modalities tend to be less political and more about the pet and owner. 

Each of our Portuguese water dogs get individual attention, as well as playtime with the others.  It has been exhilarating and we have created such deep bonds with each of them.  Click below to learn more information about

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