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Our Experience raising dogs and animals includes knowledge with researching pedigrees, raising, breeding and whelping animals over a period of approx. 45 year.  These experiences includes showing, raising, breeding and whelping of Great Danes, Boxers, and Arabian horses, even though we have only been involved with the Portguese water dog breed for only 4 years.     

Experience with raising and breeding dogs began in early childhood growing up on a small hobby farm in  Ada, Michigan, also home to Egypt Valley Danes a Great Dane Kennel with the foundation bloodline of “Pathon”  an American and Canadian Champion.  Daily chores included assistance with exercising the show dogs, raising and whelping puppies, and at times critical care which included tube feeding puppies, resuscitation, and the unfortunate chance of learning about bloat.   Bloat or GVS (gastric dilation volvulus) is deadly and is more common in large deep chested dogs, particularly Great Danes –  if interested learn more HERE.   All though any dog can get bloat,  it is NOT common in PWD’s – this information for PWD’s is covered HERE.

Lt to Rt Isis 7, Triton 9, Ariel 12, (Ages at time of Pic)

From young adulthood to late thirties the focus was mainly on showing, breeding and foaling Arabian horses.  Again studying pedigrees and genetic traits in the bloodlines. 

By the mid-thirties our focus turned back to dogs .  Then our experience raising dogs began again after  acquiring the first boxer through a friend whom is a breeder.  Again a great deal of time was spent researching pedigrees and genetic traits before purchasing a stud.  Back then DNA and genetic marker tests were not readily available.  We stopped breeding when the daughter was approaching high school.  We always waited until our Bitches were 3 years old before breeding, a philosophy some are not in agreement with, but this is just our way. The average life span of our boxers was approx. 12 years old before crossing the rainbow bridge. 

One last thing worth mentioning is that we are not all about breeding. We have taken in other breeds, as well as, taking in several rescue dogs and cats over the years.  

With a year passing, after  the daughter (all grown up and older) had packed up her-our rescue dog and moved out west, is when decisions were made to start researching the hypoallergenic dog breeds having similar characteristics of the energetic dogs we have from the past.   

After a couple months of research it didn’t take long to realize we were going to purchase our first one from its home of origin, since they are well respected by the Portuguese People, and many breeders there have taken a keen interest in preserving their traditional roles and keeping the standards high. 

We fell in love with the breed and our breeder from Portugal, and still stay in contact with them.   One  year after acquiring Morgan, we were fortunate to have found Freeman whom is  also from an outstanding European Bloodline having an extensive line of Champions.  Learn More Details 

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