About Portuguese Water Dogs

History of the Portuguese Water Dog

One can trace the roots of the Portuguese water dog breed back to the Algarve Region along the Coast of Portugal.  Hence, the Pwd was a valuable working companion to the fishermen of the region.   To put it briefly, they were used as messengers, retrievers and guard dogs.  Since the fishermen didn’t have all the technology of today, the dogs were used to send messages between boats, dive for and retrieve gear, and sometimes even rescue some who went overboard.  

In summary this is a short listing of their history, but more about their history and origins can be found here PWDCA.

Portuguese Water Dog swimming out in ocean

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Portuguese water dogs are very intelligent and are born as a thinking working dog who requires ample activity.  It is amazing to watch them dive under water and retrieve.  Similarly, we have viewed this with our sire Freeman.   As mentioned above, not only were they bred to be a working dog, but were considered a very important member of the crew and was compensated as such.  Owing to the qualities this breed possesses, they would excel at agility, rally obedience, water trials and other various competitions.  

We encourage anyone considering any breed of dog to thoroughly research their breed prior to purchasing them.  So for that purpose, we are providing an excellent website that has a wealth of information not only about the portuguese water dog, but other breeds, as well.  Click here to visit Janes dogs

Personality of The PWD

Portuguese Water Dogs are classified under the working Dog class meaning they are a highly energetic dog and intelligent.  Hence, what this really means is they need plenty of exercise, and      mental stimulation.  Otherwise, left to their own devices could be destructive.  No doubt you have done some research and already know this.  On the other hand, their intelligence lends to learning quickly, but never underestimate they could outsmart their owner when one becomes lackadaisical.  Therefore, obedience training is a must.   

Subsequently, my experience has been they make great companions and guardians, learn very quickly (both good or bad behavior), very loving and extremely loyal.   Furthermore, their inherent retrieving aptitude leads to a lot of mismatched socks and mittens, as well as, shoes and misplaced hats.  However, on the more serious side they can get a bit nippy as they are learning what is acceptable.  Learning this begins with mother and litter mates.  

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