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One can trace the roots of the Portuguese Water Dog (PWD) breed back to the Algarve Region of Portugal.  The PWD was a valuable working companion for the fishermen along the Coastal region.   Besides loyal companions they were paid crew members whose jobs included sending messages between boats, diving for and retrieving gear, as well as, guardians over stock while in port.  

Although we give a brief description of their origins, more history about their foundation can be discovered here PWDCA.

Portuguese Water Dog swimming out in ocean

Portuguese water dogs are extremely intelligent loyal working dogs which requires ample daily activity.  They learn any task or trick very quickly not barring bad habits.  Owing to the breed capabilities, they would excel in AKC competitions such as agility, rally obedience, trick and water trials.  

A Portuguese water dog although loyal and lovable to people and other dogs are not for everyone. We firmly believe people wanting a puppy should research breed/s thoroughly before purchasing a puppy.   Click below for a wealth of information of different breeds. 

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Portuguese Water Dogs need activities and exercise to keep them stimulated.  Otherwise,  left to their own devices they could find outlets which leads to unwanted or destructive  behavior.   On the other hand, their intelligence lends to quick learning which sets the stage for good behavior when consistent with Obedience training.  

Inherent in the breed is their natural guarding instincts.  Barking could present a problem for apartment or condominium dwellers.  However, they are very loyal, loving and will always be near to alarm you.  

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