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One can trace the roots of the Portuguese water dog breed back to the Algarve Region along the Coast of Portugal.  Hence, the Pwd was a valuable working companion to the fishermen of the region.   To put it briefly, they were used as messengers, retrievers and guard dogs.  Since the fishermen didn’t have all the technology of today, the dogs were used to send messages between boats, dive for and retrieve gear, and sometimes even rescue some who went overboard.  

In summary this is a short listing of their history, but more about their history and origins can be found here PWDCA.

Portuguese Water Dog swimming out in ocean

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(Algarve Portugal News)   

Portuguese water dogs are a very intelligent working dog which requires ample daily activity.  It’s amazing how they dive under water to retrieve.  We have watched this with our boy Freeman.  Owing to the breed capabilites, they would excel in many AKC competitions, such as, agility, rally obedience, trick and water trials.  

We firmly believe people interested in purchasing a puppy should research the breed/s of interest thoroughly before purchasing a puppy.  There are  just as many different requirements/needs of all the different breeds as their are different people and their wants and needs.  A good place to start is at this website we provided which has a wealth of information on each of the breeds.     
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Portuguese Water Dogs need activities and exercise to keep them stimulated.  Otherwise,  left to their own devices they could get a little destructive.  On the other hand, their intelligence lends to quick learning, but at the same time if lackadaisical, they could outsmart their owner.  Therefore, obedience training is a must.   

They were also bred as a guard dog to the fisherman’s ship so guarding is inherent in the breed meaning it could be a little more barking then some care for.  However, at the same time they are very loyal and will always be near you.  

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