About Our PWDs

    On this page you will find the health information and apptitudes of our Portugues Water Dogs “Morgan” and “Freeman” and coming soon Calypso” 

Health Testing

Morgan has a DNA profile with AKC, and  is also registered with CPC (Club Portugues de Canicultura ) – Portugal Dog registry. 

Morgan and Freeman are both Negative (Normal/Clear) for DNA genetic marker tests for  JDCM, GM1, PRA, and IC.  They are both Normal/Negative for OFA hip and Caer exams.  

Copies can be viewed on Paws Prints database –  One of a few recommended testing facilities by the PWDCA. Click the Find Dog tab and insert the dogs registered names.  Our dogs registered names are  Sunkissed Freeman and Morgana do Veleiro Nagual click  here to enter  Paw Prints Database.


Both Morgan and Freeman are exceptionally athletic dogs, as well as, incredibly intelligent.  They are regularly exercised such during Frisbee play and 3 mile hikes during the spring and summer seasons.  They were trained in obedience, along with retrieving and return work, as well as other aptitude skills.  Summertime includes water time fun and retrieving work in the surrounding lakes. 

Morgan was set up for Agility classes, as well as, researching the water events with the Great Lakes Portuguese Water Dog Club GLPWDC . However, Life events assisting family members with medical care has taken precedence for the past 2 years.  When time permits we will continue with the interests in agility, rally, and water works.


Morgan comes from an excellent European blood line.  She was  imported from Portugal and has a microchip and DNA profile.  She has beautiful black silky hair with white markings that is of the wavy type.  She is exceptionally athletic, light on her feet and can turn on a dime.  She is incredibly spirited and enthusiastic  while at work, play or what ever life throws her way.  

Morgan has an excellent temperament.  Morgan knows no strangers.  She loves to retrieve in the water and will swim out to retrieve the item even when the water is deeper.  However, she is not a dock diver as of yet.

Although Morgan has not trained as a therapy dog yet, however, she has accompanied along a few nursing home trips and remain calmed and quiet during those visits.  Morgan is loyal and loves her human companions, and seldom will you ever find her not sitting close by.  Although, generally laid back she will alert when unexpected guests arrive. 

We haven’t determined if we will use her in water works yet.  However we continue with Obedience training and are also considering further training to achieve her therapy certificate .


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There was never a doubt that we would be getting a second pwd.  When  Morgan turned a year old we packed her up and set off cross country to claim Freeman our next family addition.    He is a wavy black with white markings also coming from an excellent European bloodline of champions. 

Freeman’s hair is more of the thicker wave but not really a curly.  However, we keep his hair cut shorter than Morgan.

He is athletic and intelligent, as well, and like a detective he will find and lead Morgan to her lost Frisbee long before dreading the thought of having to share his.   He is also exceptional at catching Frisbee doing the scoops at jumps.

Freeman is very loving and loyal to his family and is an exceptional guard dog.  However, if momentarily separated from Morgan he will put on a dramatic vocal production sizing it up to days gone by.   He loves hugs and affection and would have you believe he is a lap dog.

Freeman absolutely loves the water.  A running garden hose is his best friend and sometimes he jumps into the shower in hopes some one will come along and turn the water on and join him.

Freeman is not quite as friendly and curios as Morgan so we won’t be training him for therapy.  However, Freeman is very good in obedience, dock diving and underwater retrieving so we are considering following up with water work trial events for him once he has achieved more obedience training and socialization with crowds of dogs.



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