Our Puppies

Our Puppy protocol

Born At Home

Neonatal Phase

We have taken Avidog University breeders course  and follow their protocols before breeding, during pregnancy, whelping and care of both damn and  puppies.  Our dogs/puppies are fed a  high quality diet including filtered water.  The puppies are born in our bedroom in their whelping pen under a watchful eye where mom feels secure. 

During this first phase days 3-16 they receive ENS & ESI exercises (Early Neurological Stimulation & Early Scent Introduction), if interested in learning more about this click here.  This does not replace daily touching associated with early socialization.  At the end of this phase we begin a natural potty training process, by simply reducing their bedding size, encouraging them to keep the sleep area clean.   


Newborn Puppies
2 days old

Sensitive Phase

Starting around week 3 they are entering a sensitive phase which only lasts a month.  This is the best time to introduce new things since they have not yet learned fear.  They get different toys and objects placed in their playpen daily.  They will also walk on different surfaces before leaving.   This lets them problem solve and the theory is that it helps lessen fears and frustration when encountering new objects in their future.

We also initiate our desensitization process since this they have no fear during this time.  We start around week 4 after their ears have opened.  We start out with a low level background sounds of storms, sirens, fireworks, trains, tractors, barking, and noisy crowds. We do this in one hour increments and increase the volume after they adapt.  The theory is to lessen future fears and anxieties.  

One week old puppies
1 week old


Puppies teeth start breaking through between weeks 3-4.  Mom is slowly weening annd we are feeding puppy gruel.  They will have acclimated to regular puppy food by six weeks of age. 

Potty training measures increase and socialization continues.  They have had their toe nails clipped every 3-5 days and now is the best time to groom them with clippers since they have no fear.  This is invaluable since they have a lifetime of grooming ahead of them.  

The best time for learning the most is from 4 to 16 weeks of age, so to avoid skittishness around people and other pets it is crucial that the new families follow up with daily socialization once the puppies leave here.  


One week old puppies
1 week old


Once puppies reach 5-6 weeks of age, this marks the transitioning phase when the puppies are  transferred pens for crate training.  We step up the potty training and all our previous litters most puppies have been at least 80 – 90% potty trained by the time they go home.  

They have a pattern that works out to nearly every 2 hours around the clock for feeding, drinking, potty, socialization and playtime.  Once they reach 8 weeks old they start to sleep a little longer at night usually at least 4-5 hours.   See our protocol for purchasing a puppy her

Naomi in cage

Outdoor Playtime

Naomi in field

Lastly, they are given lots of  outdoor playtime.  They have a routine while outdoors exploring the new sights and sounds of the surrounding wildlife.  We  allow a couple at a time to run freely with us, while keeping the others safe in a large  15 x 30 playpen.  The playpen is setup with lots of new toys and tools to help with their development. Weather permitting a wading pool is provided for those who choose to jump in. 

From the time they are 6 weeks old they are taken from their crates to outdoors for their potty business.  They are being trained and learning to potty on command.